Dream Cleaning, LLC was founded over 25 years ago on an idea to not be an ordinary cleaning company. Just talk to any of our clients and you’ll see how we’ve built a reputation to be more than expected...and sometimes more that they dreamed of. Your home is your sanctuary from the stress of the outside world. Our goal is not just to clean, but to provide a service that improves lives by helping people save time and even manage the job of running a peaceful, clean, and efficient home environment.

What to expect:
Each team always arrives on time, in uniform, does not smoke on the job, and includes a working supervisor. Our keys are kept by supervisors and in our office in a lock box. We have employee management systems and controls in place to ensure our people succeed and give you the service you expect. We also send the same team to your house each time so that they get to know your home, the custom items in it that may need special care, and even your special needs throughout the year such as special cleaning around parties and celebrations. We can even offer a home maintenance binder to help you manage appliance warranties and service schedules.

Special Services for Special Homes
We know that each home has its own personality and have experience caring for historic and custom homes. We realize that a Viking stove, antique silver, granite countertops, or antique chandeliers need special care. All our people are trained in proper care of hardwood and other special flooring. For some customers we offer home project management so that we can free you from always being available to oversee subcontractors doing remodeling, party preparation, and more.

Dream Cleaning, LLC, is a relationship focused, residential and commercial cleaning company providing superior quality service to residents of the Greater Louisville and surrounding areas. We provide high quality cleaning and janitorial services, as well as carpet and window cleaning, and organizing and clutter removal. Our company dates back to 1996 when Missy Walker–Mandy, a bank employee, suddenly and unexpectedly needed to care for her mother, and still find a way to make a living. Cleaning seemed like the perfect solution to the problem and ever since then, we have continued to grow and move our business forward.


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