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At Dream Cleaning, LLC, we know that quality and reliability are the number one things people look for when it comes to hiring a cleaning service. That is why we have built our company on its word of mouth reputation. People know that hiring us means they’ll get a company that provides:

Quality Service – we use a team approach and nobody leaves until the job is done and done right. We are bonded and insured. Our team members are thorough, well trained, and get periodic grading on their performance. We want to provide a quality product at a competitive price.

Systems and Controls – from a working supervisor always being on the job site, to contact walkie-talkie communication, to time-checks for efficiency, we have put a system of checks and balances into our operation that allows our people to shine and gives our clients assurance that they can count on us.

Ongoing Communication – we talk to our customers and tenants more than most cleaning firms. We seek and welcome feedback. We look for unmet needs and try to offer solutions. We notice things that may need attention nd bring them to your attention. We see ourselves as partners that play a role in the success of every business we serve.

Product Knowledge and Management – our people are trained and we have experience within our team on a full spectrum of products and specialized services needed to clean any commercial setting. We also have a complete system to keep on top of cleaning supplies and solution center management.

Belief in Diversity – we are KMBC certified and are an affirmative action employer with a full affirmative action plan in place in our operation.

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